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35 computers presented in September with the latest from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA

More power. More resolution More autonomy More pampering in design and finishes. These are in broad strokes the characteristics of the computers that the main brands have presented during the last weeks both at IFA, the consumer electronics fair that is held every year at the beginning of September in Berlin, and on the sidelines of this event. And these teams are the real protagonists of this article.

What we propose on this occasion is not one of our usual selections in which we choose a set of products that responds to a criterion that seems of interest to us; Our goal is to collect most of the computers that have been presented in recent weeks and that largely allow us to “take the pulse” of a market in continuous boiling. As you will see below, there are proposals for all tastes and needs, but they all have something in common: they have their own “personality.”

Trends: this is what brands propose

A good part of the laptops that we have compiled in this article incorporate one of the new Intel Core 10th generation microprocessors with which the Santa Clara company promises us more performance, more autonomy and a wider connectivity in which it is worthwhile that Let’s highlight the Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 GIG + standards . But this is not all. The latest Intel microprocessors are also interesting, at least on paper, because of their high performance / watt ratio , so we are looking forward to some of this equipment falling into our hands to check if these chips are really up to expectations .

Screens with 4K UHD resolution have not yet been imposed on Full HD panels, but are increasingly present in laptops. And some of them bet on OLED technology

On the other hand, 4K UHD screens (3,840 x 2,160 points) have not yet been able to impose themselves on panels with Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 points), but it is clear that they are taking momentum because much of the new generation of laptops It is available with 4K UHD panel. Some even resort to OLED technology , an option that fits beautifully in a usage scenario where content creation prevails, although it is also interesting for video game enthusiasts and movie playback because of the high quality of image that these panels usually have .

Another tangible trend that began to take shape earlier this year, and which is now being consolidated, is none other than the integration of any of the graphic processors of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX family into gaming laptops belonging to the medium and high ranges. These GPUs are designed to address graphics rendering using ray tracing technique ( ray tracing ), a technology that allows us to enjoy an extremely realistic lighting that has a profound impact on the charts.

In addition, these processors are capable of throwing very high image rates per second, especially when ray tracing is not used, so they represent a good option when taking advantage of panels with an update frequency of 300 Hz They are starting to mount some brands on their laptops, such as Acer or ASUS.

Athena project: this is how Intel proposes that they be the most advanced laptops

Intel’s intention, on paper, looks good. The Athena project is a certification created by this company to ensure that the experience offered by advanced laptops is optimal. Some of the requirements that must be met are to guarantee a very fast start and an instant resumption, to offer us a real autonomy capable of extending throughout a whole day, fast battery charging, a connectivity that meets the latest standards, such as Wi- Fi 6 or Thunderbolt 3, a more stylized design and the maximum possible lightness. As you can see, it sounds good.

The laptops proposed by Intel should be faster, lighter and thinner, and they also have to have more autonomy and connectivity to the latest

Intel has confirmed that it is currently working with some of the leading manufacturers of laptops to place machines capable of meeting these requirements on the market, so in practice the Athena project aims to consolidate itself as a seal of quality . Lenovo, Dell, HP or ASUS are some of the brands that will launch during this autumn advanced laptops framed within the Athena project. Some of them are collected in this article, so you can know them in more detail a few paragraphs below. As soon as the first teams fall into our hands, we will analyze them thoroughly to see if their impact on our experience is really as profound as Intel has promised us.

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