A Minecraft server nationwide: Poland’s plan for young people to stay home during quarantine

Spain is not the only country in quarantine for the coronavirus . Three days ago, the Polish Prime Minister announced the “state of pandemic” in Poland and a mandatory 14-day forty (and a penalty of more than 6,000 euros for those who skip it). The quarantine is tough and can be boring, so in order to lend a hand to the youngest, the Polish Ministry of Digitization has carried out a most peculiar initiative: a national Minecraft server .

This initiative is part of the Grarantananna project (from “gra”, game in Polish, and “kwarantanna”, quarantine in Polish). The idea is that everyone who wants to can access the game and let their imagination run wild to make constructions. To give it more interest, the program has activated a kind of contest that will last until March 30 and for which the most creative users will be awarded.

Your own plot of 60×60 cubes

From what we can read on the project website, the player will not be able to access the huge open world of Minecraft, but actually access a personal plot of 60×60 cubes . The game is in creative mode and allows unlimited use of any material. The only thing that limits the player is the imagination, the limit of 194 blocks up and 62 blocks down and some rules.

And it is that the player can build whatever he wants , as long as it is not “profane, offensive or illegal” content, “content that violates the rights of third parties, in particular personal rights” and “content on which the participant does not have copyright or derived rights in their entirety. ” In other words, it has to be its own creation. At the end of the work, the player must post a sign with the text “Complete work” and inform the moderator through Discord. Only then will you be eligible for the reward.

The prize pool is valued at 108 euros

What are the rewards? According to the regulations of the initiative, each selected participant will take a Razer Kraken Essential headphones, a Razr Deadhadder Essential mouse and an A4Tech Bloody B3370R RGB mechanical keyboard , all valued at 108 euros.

The game will be developed in version 1.15.2 of Minecraft, which is the most recent. The server is managed by the Neverlight Association , which is a Polish Esports association and a publisher of board games. This server is capable of hosting a thousand people at a time. It goes without saying that it is strictly necessary to have an original copy of the game to be able to access it.

It is not the only initiative within the Grarantananna project, as the Polish ministry has also added educational games, online role-playing sessions , historical quizzes and puzzles, all with the aim of helping young people stay home . For Minecraft players looking for a new experience, in this article we review 23 original maps that anyone can access to play in different modes or get inspired to make their own constructions.

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