Appear the supposed first images of a Nintendo 64 mini, which would be the next Nintendo retro console

In 2016 the NES mini appeared by surprise, a blow of nostalgia that even Nintendo did not expect. In 2017, after that success, other companies joined the fashion of retro consoles, in fact, the same Nintendo sought to repeat the feat with the launch of the SNES mini. And now, in 2018 rumors suggest that the next one in the list of retro consoles will be a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini.

Are they real or false?

Three images that supposedly show us what the next N64 mini will look like appeared on Twitter, provoking all kinds of comments and theories, since these photographs show something that would hardly be possible to simulate with such quality and level of detail.

The account @nachoypistacho was the one who says to have received in the beginning these photographs, that supposedly belong to one of his contacts, who would have had access to a previous version of the next retro console.

In the images you can see the detachable part that gives access to the ports of the controls, which maintain the format of the connector seen from the Wii and that reappeared in both the NES mini and the SNES Mini. In fact, the ports would be discovered just like in the SNES mini.

Since a year ago have emerged all kinds of clues that point to the arrival of this N64 mini, ranging from patents in Japan, to a purported filtered list of the 19 games that will include. What is a fact is that the Christmas season is just around the corner, and as has happened in the two previous years, Nintendo could announce at any time the launch of this Nintendo 64 Classic Mini, of course, in case it was real.

Kim Hostler
I studied Communication Sciences because as a child I always wanted to be an announcer and make drawings for advertising campaigns. Life took me down another path and now I am a Communicator who has worked for Nokia, and Motorola. Where now instead of drawing, I take pictures, and instead of talking about my passion.
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