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Apple is considering its own folding device, according to a recently registered patent

It is undeniable that Samsung has managed to capture our attention and interest as it had long ago not happened in the field of mobile devices featuring the Samsung Galaxy Fold , a folding device that is already an apparently finished product. And it has done before the competition, which in more or less extent advances that is also working on that technology, and Apple seems to be preparing its folding device .

Flexible screens have been around for a while , but it has not been until this year when we have seen them in fully functional and finished devices like this Fold or the Flexipai. It is still an early phase of its development and we could already see that there is enough to correct , and for that reason it is not surprising that other technological giants are already working on their own.

An iPad that is an iPhone or a laptop with a folding screen, everything is in the hype
A track that comes to us thanks to the occasionally revealing patents, that although they are not a confirmation per se there are cases in which they anticipate something that finally arrives as we saw with the perforated screens. Thus, the Cupertino would be contemplating preparing their own folding gadget, something we hope to see also from others like Huawei, who has confirmed for this MWC , or Xiaomi who showed it in a video .

The patent was published last week and shows something like a folding phone or tablet. I do not know indicate inches, so it could be something similar to Fold or Flexipai and act as a smartphone and tablet at the same time depending on how it is used or perhaps even a laptop , since the patent talks about “improved electronic devices “In a generic way.

What is described is a flexible screen that can be bent one third or half, thanks to a system of hinges . An important part as we saw in the case of the Samsung device, which required to devise a new system of specific hinges looking for it to be resistant and withstand well “hundreds of thousands” of openings and closures.

The information adds to what they already published on CNBC , who in fact even released a date: an Apple folding iPhone in 2020 . If so, it would come a year after the competition, although by precedents this is not that it has penalized them in excess.

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