Apple surpasses itself: it will charge $ 1,000 for the support of its Pro Display XDR

Yesterday Apple gave us an inaugural keynote of its WWDC 2019 really loaded with news. WatchOS 6 , iOS 13 , iPadOS , Mac Pro , or Catalina macOS were among the highlights, but the one that probably made the most impression among the audience was their Pro Display XDR monitor, which costs $ 4,999 … without support .

That’s right: Apple managed to separate the support of the monitor, and gives the option to buy a VESA mount for $ 200, or go to their official support, the so-called Pro Stand, which costs $ 999 . And just do that, hold the monitor. We do not remember ever having heard whispers like those that were heard yesterday among the audience when Apple explained that this support sold separately with that price exorbitant for many.

What is special about a $ 1,000 support?

Critics, jokes and memes about the support for this eye-catching 32-inch Apple monitor aimed at professionals did not wait. There was someone who offered to hold him for half the price , and who pointed out that for that price one could buy a MacBook Air and claimed that “Apple is parodying itself.”

Apple tried to highlight the design and engineering work they had done in this stand, which is equipped with an adjustable height system with a displacement of 120 mm and that allows you to rotate and tilt the screen at different angles very easily and smoothly.

What else has this support? Nothing more, that we know: beyond the mechanical components and the magnets that allow to adjust it to the monitor, it is an object composed of various pieces of metal, without more .

Apple did not indicate until the end that this striking support was sold separately: the Pro Display XDR monitor costs $ 4,999, although there is a special version with “nano-textured” glass for $ 5,999. It was then when they explained that the support cost 999 dollars and was not included with the monitor , although there is another option: buy an accessory that allows to use VESA supports.

That announcement caused surprise even for Apple fans, who emitted a loud murmur at the conference, something we do not remember ever hearing at this level.

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