Rocket Lake processors will finally bring PCIe 4.0 support
Intel’s next-generation desktop CPUs have an arrival date: Q1 2021. Intel has confirmed that they prepare this new generation under the name ‘Rocket Lake’ to debut in a few months. A direct answer to the impending AMD Zen 3 and powerful next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. As the company has announced , this new... Read more
You still don’t need PCIe 4.0: the new WD Black AN1500 combine two SSDs in RAID 0 to achieve transfers of up to 6,500 MB / s
The promise of SSDs that take advantage of the PCIe 4.0 interface is staggering: achieving transfer speeds of around 7,000MB / s will be the norm and will make today’s PCIe 3.0 SSDs bite the dust. Or maybe not. That is precisely what Western Digital is proposing , a manufacturer that has just released an ingenious... Read more
The Samsung 860 QVO are the new SSD units of up to 4 TB that opt ​​for the price / performance ratio
The storage segment does not stop to give us good news: manufacturers continue to offer more and more for less, and the last big bet of the market is the one that Samsung has just made in the field of SSD drives with its new Samsung 860 QVO .... Read more
LG prepares two new monitors of its “Ultra” range, we will meet you at CES 2019
Those responsible for LG have begun to offer some details of what will be its two new members for the family of “Ultra” monitors , which include both UltraWide series monitors and UltraGear series monitors. These models will be presented at the CES 2019 fair to be held in... Read more
Exynos 9820: the heart for the next Galaxy arrives with artificial intelligence and an improvement in efficiency of 40%
Samsung officially presents the new Exynos 9820, the company’s flagship processor that we will see on its next flagship. This chipset arrives to face the new Kirin 980 of Huawei and the Snapdragon 8150 of Qualcomm and in all probability the Galaxy S10 will be the smartphone that releases... Read more
RISC-V wants to be the safest (Open Source or not) processor in the world, and the secret will be in its hardware enclave
The RISC-V architecture has been trying to put in our hands an Open Source alternative to Intel and AMD processors based on the x86 / x86-64 architecture and all the variants of the ARM-based microphones. But in addition to being an open source development free of royalties, its developers... Read more
The new and brutal NVIDIA GeForce Titan RTX comes with an even more brutal price
NVIDIA continues to hold the scepter in the graphics card segment: if you want power, the products of the GeForce RTX family are the reference , and they are now joined by the one that automatically becomes the most powerful high-end graphics card aimed at end users: the Titan... Read more
Technical details of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855: without 5G included, 45% higher performance and better artificial intelligence
After making official the arrival of the Snapdragon 855 , today during the second day of conferences at the Snapdragon Summit 2018, Qualcomm offered the technical specifications of its new processor, which lets us see the progress with respect to the previous generation and what we can expect from... Read more
This is how a PC with $ 1,530 AMD Ryzen crushes a $ 5,660 Mac Pro in Photoshop
Do not even buy a Core i9 for gaming equipment Do not even buy a Core i9 for gaming equipment The new Intel Xeon is bestial in everything: it consumes 670W and costs 8700 dollarsThe new Intel Xeon is bestial in everything: it consumes 670W and costs 8700 dollars... Read more
Snapdragon 8cx, the first 7nm processor for PCs is Qualcomm
But what is perhaps most relevant to this announcement, is that Snapdragon 8cx is also the first 7-nanometer processor for PCs , so Qualcomm is beating both Intel and AMD in this race, where it seems to be ready to take the leap and compete outside the mobiles. Technical... Read more