Technical details of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855: without 5G included, 45% higher performance and better artificial intelligence
After making official the arrival of the Snapdragon 855 , today during the second day of conferences at the Snapdragon Summit 2018, Qualcomm offered the technical specifications of its new processor, which lets us see the progress with respect to the previous generation and what we can expect from... Read more
This is how a PC with $ 1,530 AMD Ryzen crushes a $ 5,660 Mac Pro in Photoshop
Do not even buy a Core i9 for gaming equipment Do not even buy a Core i9 for gaming equipment The new Intel Xeon is bestial in everything: it consumes 670W and costs 8700 dollarsThe new Intel Xeon is bestial in everything: it consumes 670W and costs 8700 dollars... Read more
Snapdragon 8cx, the first 7nm processor for PCs is Qualcomm
But what is perhaps most relevant to this announcement, is that Snapdragon 8cx is also the first 7-nanometer processor for PCs , so Qualcomm is beating both Intel and AMD in this race, where it seems to be ready to take the leap and compete outside the mobiles. Technical... Read more
OnePlus confirms that its next smartphone will arrive with a screen of 120 Hz with a “touch refresh rate” of 240 Hz
Everything indicates that the first smartphone trends for this year will focus on screens , which will range from flexible panels to those with increases in refreshment rates. Today we have already seen some models on the market and a few manufacturers who have already raised their hands to show their innovations this year. The most recent... Read more
SSD Reliability Myths and Facts – Their lifespan is (probably) longer than you expected
Solid state drives or SSDs have quietly become a revolution for the world of PCs and laptops , but they have done so with some hesitation. One of the most frequent is that urban legend that seems to point out that the useful life of these units is not as good as that... Read more
The UFS 3.1 standard is now official: more speed and better energy efficiency for mobile memories
The UFS 3.1 standard is now official , two years after UFS 3.0 was introduced as a standard in the technology industry. This is the first update by JEDC and they have focused on speed improvements as well as energy consumption by the memories. Meanwhile, UFS 3.0 is barely available on a tiny fraction of the mobiles... Read more
The United States is considering limiting the use of US chip-making equipment to companies that produce for Huawei, according to WSJ.
After renewing the Huawei veto exemption a few days ago , the Trump administration is planning a new trade restriction for China, as the Wall Street Journal exclusively reports . According to the media, this new measure would aim to “cut Chinese access to key semiconductor technology” by limiting the use of US chip-making equipment . As far... Read more
Three essential improvements to update your PC from 4 years ago for little money in 2020
Tempus fugit . Time flies, and in technology it does even more : that desktop PC that you bought yourself two, three or four years ago may now be beginning to hobble. What seemed like a great setup some time ago probably isn’t so much now, but luckily the rapid evolution of technology... Read more
NVIDIA’s next GPUs could use advanced technology from the manufacturer TSMC to perform more and consume less
Users are used to companies specialized in the design of microprocessors and graphics processors increasing performance and reducing the consumption of their solutions by developing photolithography and microarchitecture . And yes, this is undoubtedly a strategy that has been proven valid for decades. However, these two tools are not the only ones that... Read more
When sound cards dominated the world
In the 80s, microcomputing began to conquer us visually. It was different in the field of audio, and neither 8-bit computers nor the first PCs could do much more than make sad beeps . Computers like the Amiga or Atari ST changed that picture, but the PC world continued to ignore it... Read more