It’s time to call the “relationship between videogames and violence” for what it is: an urban myth
In Spain, without going any further, about 50% of the entire population plays video games . We do not have exact data on how many of these games are violent, but if we look at countries around us, we see that in places like the United Kingdom two thirds... Read more
‘Apex Legends’ to the conquest of ‘Fortnite’: already has 25 million users just one week after its launch
Against all odds, the craze of ‘Apex Legends’ continues to rise and seems to have no end, unless in the short term. Therefore, the bets go around a domain in the ‘Battle Royale’ that will end up defeating ‘ Fortnite ‘, which today is still the king of this... Read more
This hypnotic video of an almost impossible to follow song shows how the legendary Guitar Hero is still alive
It is likely that many know him and even play it: there was a time when Guitar Hero was almost like Fortnite . The fever for those titles ended up disappearing, but his legacy has made that there continues to be a large community of players who continue to... Read more
The analogical beginnings of ‘Super Mario Bros’: when video games were drawn pixel by pixel on graph paper
The 80’s are very fashionable and everything that evokes us at that time makes us smile or we think it’s attractive, but they were not easy times for software development and even less when the graphic interface was the absolute key, especially after a crisis due to the large... Read more
AlphaStar is the artificial intelligence of DeepMind that has managed to win 10-1 to the professionals of ‘StarCraft II’
He did it to Go , he did it to chess and now he is doing it in ‘StarCraft II’ . The artificial intelligence system AlphaStar developed by DeepMind played in December a tournament against two professional players of this video game and won almost all games. He did... Read more
Why does Super Mario jump? The history of platform video games through jumps
Why does Super Mario jump? It seems a truism question, those that respond to themselves. Jumps because, if he does not, he dies. OK, very good; refine the question. Why is Super Mario forced to jump by Miyamoto’s invisible hand ? Why do not you just run, fight or... Read more
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
It was very difficult to see another game of the Ubisoft saga crowned as one of the best of the year. Several titles back, no one would have given a hard for what the following games could get to do on PC, PS4 and Xbox One , but ‘Assassin’s... Read more
‘A Way Out’

‘A Way Out’

Games January 17, 2019

‘A Way Out’ by Hazelight Studios and EA came to PC, PS4 and Xbox One with a single goal, to become one of the richest and most recommendable cooperative experiences in the videogame industry. Not only did he achieve it, he did it with honors and with a truly... Read more
The year when everyone wanted to play ‘Fortnite’ anywhere
‘ Fortnite ‘ is the biggest phenomenon in the world of videogames in 2018. Epic Games, through Twitch , YouTube and its crossplay policy has achieved that practically all of the population have some notions, however minimal, of their interpretation of the Battle Royale. Musicians like Drake , athletes... Read more
The problems that have led to talking about the decline of FIFA despite its commercial success
In recent times we have seen a curious paradox surrounding the annual launch of FIFA. On the one hand, it has transcended the video game . Thanks to its FUT mode, we are seeing players every week photographing themselves with their Team of the Week letter -as Salah in... Read more