Someone has installed ‘Crysis 3’ on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090: it works and also in 4K resolution
At the beginning of September NVIDIA introduced its GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card, a real beast with 24 GB DDR6X of graphics memory. A GPU that’s certainly great for playing video games without graphics performance issues. But what if the video game is installed directly on the GPU? This is not the way things are... Read more
The liquid metal of PlayStation 5 cooling, explained: why Sony chose it for its next-gen console
Sony has an outstanding debt with users. The cooling system that it has implemented in both PS4 and PS4 Pro is very noisy at times of maximum workload. In fact, it becomes annoying. The latest PS4 Pro reviews have toned down this issue slightly and lowered the noise level by a few decibels, but not enough... Read more
The year when everyone wanted to play ‘Fortnite’ anywhere
‘ Fortnite ‘ is the biggest phenomenon in the world of videogames in 2018. Epic Games, through Twitch , YouTube and its crossplay policy has achieved that practically all of the population have some notions, however minimal, of their interpretation of the Battle Royale. Musicians like Drake , athletes... Read more
The problems that have led to talking about the decline of FIFA despite its commercial success
In recent times we have seen a curious paradox surrounding the annual launch of FIFA. On the one hand, it has transcended the video game . Thanks to its FUT mode, we are seeing players every week photographing themselves with their Team of the Week letter -as Salah in... Read more
25 years later ‘Doom’ is iconic and eternal
An FPS? What is an FPS? Few alluded to that term before December 10, 1993, but history would change that day with the release of ‘Doom’ , a video game considered one of the most important and influential in the history of this industry. It turns 25 years of... Read more
‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ becomes free and launches a new ‘Battle Royale’ mode
It’s about renewing or dying, and in this case adding to what the players are asking for: a battle royale mode . ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ is the latest to join the fashion of games with pitched battles, as happens with the super popular ‘ Fortnite ‘ or ‘... Read more
We live in the golden age of cosplay thanks to the world maker
When we talk about the maker movement or the DIY, the first thing that comes to mind is associated with programmable plates , 3D printing and electronic hacking. However, one of the most powerful and current expressions of this movement is in the world of cosplay , a discipline... Read more
Pokemon Let’s GO, analysis: the evolution of the videogame to the Nintendo toy
Nintendo has a gift to take everything it touches one step further. I do not know what their creatives eat, drink or breathe to get from the ‘Pokémon Amarillo’ from Game Boy to ‘Pokémon Let’s Go’ . Of an excuse with 20 years to take advantage of the pull... Read more
PlayStation Classic, analysis: when nostalgia is a necessary condition but not enough to sell a product
The past month of September Sony gave the surprise and was united to the tendency initiated by Nintendo. Announced the PlayStation Classic , a mini console that was born with the aim of rescuing the joys that once brought the original PlayStation . We already had the opportunity to... Read more
The Spanish FX Interactive gives a free game a week to make the quarantine more enjoyable: ‘Imperium 2’ is the first
There is much free or reduced content , board games and titles for consoles that we have at our entire disposal to kill boredom during these days of seclusion. It goes on for a long time, so any content that helps to cope with your stay at home is always welcome. Precisely for this reason we are... Read more