Other people’s iPhone will now tell us where our lost Mac is, even if it has no connection
After the avalanche of new Apple in its WWDC 2019 , there is one that specifically drew much attention and has to do with being able to know the location of our lost or stolen Mac, even if it is offline and offline , something that will now be... Read more
Apple surpasses itself: it will charge $ 1,000 for the support of its Pro Display XDR
Yesterday Apple gave us an inaugural keynote of its WWDC 2019 really loaded with news. WatchOS 6 , iOS 13 , iPadOS , Mac Pro , or Catalina macOS were among the highlights, but the one that probably made the most impression among the audience was their Pro Display... Read more
Microsoft Surface Studio 2, analysis: the flip-up screen conquers everything in an expensive but irresistible device
What screen, friends, readers . It is not only its quality in terms of resolution, contrast or vividness of colors: it is that ability to break down, almost “fold” and get to our feet so that suddenly we change from a normal work mode to one in which the... Read more
Europe chooses Barcelona to install MareNostrum 5, a pre-exascale supercomputer that will become one of the most powerful in the world
The European Commission announces that the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) has been chosen as the venue to install one of the three pre-exascale machines that prepares the EuroHPC project. The European Union could get to invest in this new supercomputer about 100 million euros, which would be the highest... Read more
The first Huawei canceled product due to the US blockade will be the new Matebook notebook, according to CNBC
Huawei has delayed indefinitely the launch of its new Matebook notebook that was to be presented at CES Asia this week. As The Information details and has confirmed Richard Yu , CEO of Huawei Consumer, to CNBC , the presentation of this new Matebook has been temporarily canceled due... Read more
Gigabyte Aero 15-Y9, analysis: nothing is common in the 5000 euros gaming notebook with Core i9 and RTX 2080
Gigabyte has not been satisfied with having one of the most outstanding series of gaming notebooks and the spectacular Gigabyte Aero 15 last year has been improved for 2019 with a renewed version inside looking for the highest possible performance on a laptop . The arguments are definitive: Core... Read more
Two Intel Xeon, three NVIDIA Quadro RTX, 3 TB of RAM and 120 TB HDD – that’s how Dell’s new and bestial workstations are
Yes, workstations are designed to withstand large workloads and deliver great performance at all times. Dell knows it and has just updated its Precision family, with which they seek to attack important segments such as the scientific, health care, military, content creation and, of course, artificial intelligence. Given this,... Read more
The external monitor of Apple of 31.6 inches 6K will arrive this year while preparing new iPad and MacBook Pro for 2021, according to Kuo
At the beginning of this 2019, the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that Apple was preparing the launch of a new MacBook Pro, iPad and until the return of an Apple Display , the external monitor of the company. Today Kuo returns to the fray by offering new details... Read more
The keyboard of the MacBook before the doubt: the criticisms seem to indicate that it affects something more than “a small number of users”
An ingenious article by Joanna Stern in the WSJ again lifted the hare a few days ago: the keyboard of her new MacBook Air had been broken, and that seemed to show that the problem with the keyboards of Apple’s laptops was still more present than the company itself... Read more
The old ThinkPads are so good that there are people who gut them to bring them up to date
The ThinkPad X60 and X61 are almost legendary machines , revered and loved by users who used (or continue to use) them with passion. Those designs ended up being abandoned by the manufacturer, who even without neglecting the family has preferred to take advantage of other design decisions and... Read more