The external monitor of Apple of 31.6 inches 6K will arrive this year while preparing new iPad and MacBook Pro for 2021, according to Kuo
At the beginning of this 2019, the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that Apple was preparing the launch of a new MacBook Pro, iPad and until the return of an Apple Display , the external monitor of the company. Today Kuo returns to the fray by offering new details... Read more
The keyboard of the MacBook before the doubt: the criticisms seem to indicate that it affects something more than “a small number of users”
An ingenious article by Joanna Stern in the WSJ again lifted the hare a few days ago: the keyboard of her new MacBook Air had been broken, and that seemed to show that the problem with the keyboards of Apple’s laptops was still more present than the company itself... Read more
The old ThinkPads are so good that there are people who gut them to bring them up to date
The ThinkPad X60 and X61 are almost legendary machines , revered and loved by users who used (or continue to use) them with passion. Those designs ended up being abandoned by the manufacturer, who even without neglecting the family has preferred to take advantage of other design decisions and... Read more
The most personal PC case: modular and tucked into a drawer
In the dream computers that we often see in photographs, the tower or housing of the desktop PC plays a major role. In our guide to mount a PC gaming by pieces , that element supports a budget as high as you want. What if the box you build... Read more
Huawei laptops: comparison of all models for sale
Huawei has repeated the strategy of Xiaomi and recently entered the laptop market in a forceful way and with equipment that from the beginning have stood out for its good quality / price . With the new Huawei laptops just presented are already up to 8 different models that... Read more
Lenovo renews its catalog of laptops and convertibles for the MWC 2019, including a Chromebook and … A “phablet”
As a great technological fair that is MWC 2019 could not miss the presence of Lenovo, although we saw new teams at CES 2019 and very recently the presentation of the new Moto G7 . What has presented this manufacturer are new laptops, an all-in-one, a convertible and a... Read more
Windows 10 already works on the Raspberry Pi 3: two independent projects make it possible
The Raspberry Pi has been a revolution in the maker and educational segment, but until now to take advantage of its potential we always used Linux distributions, something that made many wonder if it would not be possible to use it with Windows . The answer to that question... Read more
Microsoft Surface Studio 2, first impressions: its screen and its base are still surprising, but the novelties are inside
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is now officially available in Spain. Although on the outside it is essentially identical to the original model , this review of the “all in one” of the Redmond incorporates juicy novelties inside with a clear purpose: to increase our productivity and offer us a... Read more
The first physical store of Raspberry Pi opens its doors to reach that public that can not get online
Those of us who follow the technological news know very well what the Raspberry Pi phenomenon has meant . These small low-cost miniPCs have meant a small revolution in the maker world and the education segment, but there are still many people who do not know their possibilities. To... Read more
ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX701: 17.3 inches in a “thin” laptop that rises to ventilate
ASUS introduced us to the first ASUS ROG Zephyrus at Computex, another of the main technology fairs of the year, but this time it did not want to wait for the approximately six months that remain for her and she has brought the new edition to CES Las Vegas.... Read more