Moto G 5G: super battery and 5G below 300 euros
Premiere day for Motorola and that it completes its mid-range families. After meeting the Moto G9 Power , which boasts a huge battery accompanying the rest of the Moto G9, they also introduce us to the younger brother of the Moto G 5G Plus , the new Moto G 5G . It is a mobile similar... Read more
Xiaomi is working on a retractable camera for its mobiles
Xiaomi sometimes gives previews of the technologies it is preparing and usually makes it public with small videos that leave us curious by the clouds. It did it with its 80-watt fast charge , its prototype folding device or its under-screen camera technology and now they do it with... Read more
What it is and what you can do to avoid ‘SIM swapping’, the cyberattack that causes havoc and allows bank accounts to be emptied
If your mobile phone stops having coverage, be afraid: a new telephone fraud known as ‘SIM swapping’ is being used so that a cyber attacker duplicates our telephone number and uses that system to usurp our identity, authenticate in our bank and rob us all the money . There are already victims of... Read more
The Samsung Galaxy M51 arrives
At the end of August, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy M51 , a mid-range device with a quad rear camera that was betting heavily on the battery. And is that the new Galaxy M51 arrives with nothing more and nothing less than 7,000 mAh , a figure significantly higher than that of the rest... Read more
Realme 7 and 7 Pro: long life to 4G in the mid-range with up to 8 GB of RAM and fast charging of 65W
In Realme they have started the year with enthusiasm and their showcase of the mid-range is still being more complete and varied these days. First came the new Realme X7, X7 Pro and V3 , but what we did not expect so much is that the renovations of the Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro... Read more
The Nokia 9 PureView

The Nokia 9 PureView

Mobile Phones September 25, 2020

We’ve been listening for several months , and seeing , the rumor that Nokia is preparing a new smartphone that would have five cameras in the back , an interesting bet and that at first seemed false, since you have to admit who needs five cameras in a smartphone?... Read more
The first round of rumors of the supposed LG G8, which would release a 3D camera and have a screen with ‘notch de gota’, starts
We are in the final stretch of the year and the rumors as to what we could see next year do not stop. This time it is LG and what would be his high-end device for 2019: the now known as LG G8. According to rumors , LG seeks... Read more
OnePlus 6T, analysis after 30 days of use: the move to update the right works if autonomy is achieved as never before
The saying goes that second parts were never good, but OnePlus has challenged it for another year by repeating the update play at six months. In May we knew the OnePlus 6 and in October its version “T”, of which now we can tell you something more after a... Read more
Huawei shows us a mysterious mobile phone with what looks like a hole in the screen (and a goodbye to the ‘notch’)
Some filtration already made us imagine and suggest that the next thing in attempts of infinite screens would be to resort to a hole in it for the front camera. And now we have a confirmation from one of the manufacturers, since Huawei has shown what looks like a... Read more
Lenovo Z5 Pro GT: the first mobile with the Snapdragon 855 will arrive with 12GB of RAM and design ‘all screen’
Lenovo showed a conceptual image of its Z5 at the beginning of the year, anticipating a mobile phone with an ‘all-screen’ design. But when the Lenovo Z5 became known it was a disappointment to see how a notch had been added to the screen at the top. This was... Read more