Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, first impressions: the great white shark of the Android ocean
Xiaomi used the 10GB of RAM and the front-mounted drop-down cameras as the main argument of its new high-end, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, which still has no official dates or prices outside of China. However, we have already had a first contact with the successor of the Xiaomi... Read more
iPhone XR, analysis: definitely, this is Apple’s best-selling candidate for next year
Curious the move of Apple this year. Curious and with something of déjà vu with an extra model of smartphone that adds with lower price and more colors to the “iPhone senior”, and is the one that we will reel today in the analysis of the iPhone XR, the... Read more
The integrated fingerprint reader searches for your site, and the OnePlus 6T could boost its use
The presentation of the OnePlus 6T has brought us interesting changes to the OnePlus 6 a few months ago, and in addition to that little notch or the absence of a headphone jack there is another differential novelty: the fingerprint reader integrated into the screen. This technology is not... Read more
Microsoft opens the registration for the Project xCloud beta and we already know the requirements and the first compatible games
Right now Project xCloud is one of the most ambitious initiatives they have in the videogames division at Microsoft, since with it they will seek to bring all the experience that currently exists on Xbox One to a smartphone, via streaming and in a fluid and uncomplicated way . On paper it sounds great, although it... Read more
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G: 12GB of RAM and 30W wireless charging to try to replace the Mi 9 series among the best of the year
Xiaomi has announced what will be one of its great mobiles for the second half of 2019 . The new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G repeats the essence and design of the brand’s flagship, but it is renewed in almost all sections to try to rise to its competition. Better screen, much more... Read more
iPhone 11 Pro, analysis: the wait for the triple camera on the iPhone has been worth it
Apple put a few “finally” in the shaker, shook loudly and came out a new phone renewed inside and half out. The fact of aspiring to meet several pending points regarding the competition and the industry made this analysis of the iPhone 11 Pro quite juicy, especially to see what it was... Read more
Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: the evolution of the curved screen was to wrap the mobile itself
Xiaomi has summoned us today in China to show us two new high-end mobiles, configuring both as a strong commitment to 5G by the brand. The first is the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro , a device that comes to swell the not exactly small Xiaomi Mi 9 family. The second is the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha ,... Read more
A year after Pocophone: no successor, but with a legacy alive in Xiaomi
It has been a year since the launch of one of the most media terminals of recent times, Pocophone F1 of Poco, the sub-brand of Xiaomi. Almost all Xiaomi smartphones tend to impress with the low price with which they are launched in China and with which they disembark in Europe against... Read more
A new exploit threatens to offer the ultimate jailbreak for all iPhone (until 2018)
An expert in computer security with the alias of axi0mX has discovered an exploit for iOS that could pose the definitive solution for those who want to jailbreak on their iPhone . The exploit, dubbed ‘checkm8’ (‘checkmate’), is a boot memory vulnerability that could not be corrected or patched by Apple with future software... Read more
Realme X2, first impressions: the most serious candidate for “Xiaomi-killer” to date
“We are selecting partners one by one to understand that user experience is more important than margins.” These are statements by Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme, the new brand of the BBK Electronics group (Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus) that this summer has arrived in Spain . These days we have been able to try the new Realme... Read more