Huawei P30 Pro, P30 and P30 Lite: everything we think we know before its presentation
When we just started what is the third month of the year, we already know some of the highlights for this year’s high-end smartphones. Have been at the moment a HONOR, two LG, three Xiaomi and four Samsung, and it seems that those who are going to maintain tradition... Read more
Apple is considering its own folding device, according to a recently registered patent
It is undeniable that Samsung has managed to capture our attention and interest as it had long ago not happened in the field of mobile devices featuring the Samsung Galaxy Fold , a folding device that is already an apparently finished product. And it has done before the competition,... Read more
The Samsung Galaxy S10e versus the S10: a proposal comparable to that of the iPhone XR versus the iPhone XS? We compare them
Samsung yesterday broke with the pair that we had seeing several generations of Galaxy S and extended this line up to four Galaxy S10. The move: add a supreme model, which in addition to the most powerful integrates the support to 5G (what looks like the bastion of the... Read more
It’s official: the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the most expensive mobile phone since 1996
Mobile phones began to popularize massively in the second half of the nineties. Until then they were too expensive and too big, but manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson or Motorola managed to fit in one pocket and the price to pay was not outrageous. Before, mobile phones were for... Read more
Samsung does not double, gets up: five new phones and the return to innovation (Clear the X, 1×37)
Yesterday was one of the most important events in the history of Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer gave the bell with the presentation of five smartphones : five renew and expand their famous Galaxy S family , but the last goes further and with the Samsung Galaxy Fold raises... Read more
LG V40, analysis: five cameras for a phone that gives pleasure to teach
The manufacturer that until now was the king of the versatility with the cameras of his smartphones has recently seen his throne endangered with the push of Huawei. The LG V40 that now reaches the European market seeks to solve it in a big way: with five cameras in... Read more
WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger united (at its base): that’s Zuckerberg’s plan according to the NYT
Up to four different anonymous sources indicate in The New York Times that Mark Zuckerberg is preparing the structural integration of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger into a single messaging service. According to this information, the services will continue to operate independently , but all of them will share... Read more
Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2019): triple camera and ‘Infinity-O’ screen, a preview of what Samsung is preparing for this year
Samsung spent the past year avoiding to embrace the ‘notch’, but in 2019 everything indicates that it is going to turn the hole into the screen in one of its hallmarks. From China we met a few days ago the Galaxy A8s , now the South Korean manufacturer repeats... Read more
Vivo Apex 2019: a mobile concept without a front camera that anticipates the future without cables with its unibody design
More terminals “all screen” by Vivo. If we recently remembered the Vivo Nex and its removable front camera, now the manufacturer presents a new concept of mobile that represents that we can see in the next phones all manufacturer’s screen: the Vivo Apex 2019 . The presentation has been... Read more
Apple (probably) will not lower the price of the iPhone because (almost) never has: the story speaks for itself
Apple announced a revision of its estimates for the first quarter of the year: they were going to sell less than expected, and that caused a tumult in their shares, which fell yesterday a brutal 9%. That unleashed all kinds of debates, and among the proposals to help overcome... Read more