Framework Laptop, the laptop that promises easy repairs, upgrades and modular components

The Fairphone, over three generations already , came as a proposal to offer a fair, repairable and economical phone. With the same idea in mind, Framework Laptop is now born, a laptop that boasts modularity, repairability and expandability .

With laptops increasingly locked into the manufacturers’ ecosystem, it is more complex than ever to repair or upgrade a computer on your own or through third parties. An example of this are the components that are soldered to the motherboard, a practice where Apple is one of the most influential . Framework Laptop goes just in the opposite direction.

Framework, the company behind this laptop, claims to seek to offer “consumer electronics that are designed to last.” For this they bet on the possibility of personalizing, updating and easily repairing the products . Factors that in principle increase the useful life of the product while reducing the environmental impact.

The first of the Framework products is Laptop, your own laptop . On the outside it resembles any traditional laptop, on the inside things are somewhat different. Thanks to the design and arrangement of the parts, it is easily repairable and allows components to be removed and replaced without apparent problems.

The Framework Laptop has a 13.5-inch 3: 2 aspect screen with a resolution of 2256 x 1502 pixels . The processor that ensures that it works properly is an 11th generation Intel Core. In addition, it is accompanied by a RAM that can go up to 64 GB and a storage that can reach 4 TB.

The storage, the Wi-Fi card and two of the RAM memory slots are attached, so that they can be updated without problems. But also the 55 Wh battery, the motherboard, the screen or even the keyboard.

The ports and the connectivity of the computer follow the same idea. It will have a total of four interchangeable bays that can be used for USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort and MicroSD ports. They say that they work so that third parties can add other modules in those bays as well.

Finally, as far as software is concerned, it comes preloaded with Windows. However, there will be a DIY edition in which the user can choose whether to load Windows or Linux on their own .

The price and the reservation or purchase details are not yet known. Beyond that it will go on sale in the summer of this year 2021 little else has indicated. Modular devices, as interesting as they sound in theory, practice has shown that they do not have the popularity that is expected. Fairphone hasn’t revolutionized telephony, Google previously tried it with Ara and Intel with their own idea as well . We will see what luck the Laptop Framework runs.

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