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Huawei confirms that they are developing a mobile operating system that would replace Android in the future

Attentive with Huawei and what would be his most ambitious project. An executive of the company came to confirm , without many details, that they are working on the development of their own operating system , which would aim to replace Android in the not too distant future.

It is not known if the executive refers to the rumored Kirin OS, from which information emerged in September, however, it would be a look at the important strategic movement, since Huawei would be looking for greater independence in case of the situation with the United States. .

Huawei, with the Honor Play, is the first manufacturer to be testing Fuchsia OS, the mysterious operating system of Google

After the problems that have arisen as a result of the relationship between the United States and China , which led to the Trump government “advising” allied countries not to use Huawei devices , a measure that follows the government’s ban on using any product of the manufacturer. And seeing what happened to ZTE , it seems that Huawei does not intend to sit idly by.

李小龙 Bruce_Lee, vice president of mobile products at Huawei, confirmed through Weibo that the company is developing its own operating system that will replace Android over time . When? We do not know, but it is a fact that Huawei has a ‘Plan B’.

Before the avalanche of questions that arose as a result of this publication, the executive only limited to mention that “it is in development” . I mean, we do not know if it’s Kirin OS, but it would make all the sense in the world.

Interestingly, this confirmation comes a few days after we learned that Huawei officially became the first manufacturer to be testing Fuchsia OS , the mysterious operating system that Google is developing . Which would mean that Huawei has several fronts open and is prepared for all kinds of situations.

What is said is that Huawei is anticipating the rumored death of Android at the hands of Google and Fuchsia, and the Chinese manufacturer would be working on options for various types of users , so the compatibility tests of their devices with Kirin 970 with Fuchsia, with what would give continuity to the work done with Android.

On the other hand, the new operating system would give way to start with a new range of products , which would not only cover mobile phones, but wearables and even possible domotic devices, with which the company would begin to develop its own ecosystem. Here we must mention that this is not entirely new, Samsung is already trying with Tizen, who together with Bixby have not yet managed to take off at all. We’ll see what Huawei comes up with.

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