LG G8X ThinQ and Smart Screen: a mobile, two screens, three simultaneous tasks and a familiar feeling

How complicated it is to differentiate in the mobile landscape now that there is so much rival, even if it is one of the pioneers. And LG seems to want to reopen its path in the convulsive sector of the top of the range not with a mobile per se, but with a combination of smartphone plus accessory, or at least that has perished us to understand in the first impressions of the LG G8X and the Smart Dual Screen 2 .

The products were presented among the entire whirlpool of the IFA 2019 , a key event for the manufacturer in which it boasts its OLED potential and adorns its stand with square meters and meters of this type of panel and its “pure black”. But in addition to hiding televisions and increasingly smart appliances, there was a corner for phones and in this case for an accessory that comes in its second generation and accompanying the third top of the brand’s range (or fourth counting LG G8 ThinQ , without “s”) in 2019. We tell you how about it.

The déjà vu is impossible to avoid. The proposal is traced to what we saw with the LG V50 ThinQ and the Smart Dual Screen, the latter being an accessory in the form of a book-type case that connects a secondary (and lower resolution) screen to the smartphone and thus achieve a more real multitasking , according to the brand itself.

Perhaps the question is: why repeat this claim with a mobile that is twin, very, very twin of the LG G8 ThinQ (having a camera less than the LG G8s ThinQ ) and without Air Motion? Because according to LG, 32-33% of people who started using this accessory keep it permanently.

Or maybe this is: but is the new Smart Dual Screen the same? Obviously not. Although at first glance it looks like an even product, there are differences in specifications , functions and design. In fact, the new Smart Dual Screen has notch without having a front camera, for the reason that it is more practical for the manufacturer to put the same screen and that also avoids the problem that it is almost impossible to give the same experience with screens They are not exactly the same, as LG has specified.

Thus, the new accessory screen has the same characteristics as the G8X screen, which are similar to those of the LG G8s ThinQ but slightly varying the resolution value (but still being FullHD +) and with a diagonal of 6.4 inches. Although in the visualization we do not appreciate much change with respect to what we saw with the Dual Screen in the V50, since the technology is the same and the resolution is very similar, as well as the contrast and brightness.

If we see that the accessory is better finished . The new hinge allows that it can now be turned at an angle of 360 degrees, thus remaining as the back of the mobile, but above all they have solved the closure and now it is not slightly ajar.

They have also changed the LED of notifications for a monochrome LED screen on the back of the front cover, much like those LED cases that we saw in smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC Desire . Bad idea is not because that way you do not open the accessory, in addition to that they have programmed it to last 10 seconds on and not spend battery, but in exteriors with medium light it already looks very little (although with sharpness).

It seems that it is a resistant plastic and that they have repeated formula with the first one, although what is evident at the moment is that it gets dirty with extreme ease , and the prints cost theirs to eliminate. Perhaps it would have been better solution to leave aside the aesthetics and fashion of the reflective to let the matte finish be general and thus not get so dirty (and perhaps prevent some more possible scratches).

William White
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