‘Metro 2033’ and ‘Surviving Mars’ are available for free on Steam and Epic Games respectively – here’s how you can get them

New week and new offers in the Steam and Epic Games video game stores. For a limited time two new games can be obtained for free and kept forever. On the one hand the post-apocalyptic game ‘Metro 2033’ on Steam, on the other the survival game ‘Surviving Mars’ on the Epic Games store.

These promotions are relatively common, especially at Epic Games, which gives away a different video game practically every week . Reason? Attract more users to its platform and incidentally to acquire other games or spend money through purchases within the video games already acquired. Be that as it may, it allows the user to get hold of video games that are often very high-caliber.

How to get hold of ‘Metro 2033’ and ‘Surviving Mars’ and have them forever
Starting with ‘Metro 2033’ , it is a video game that the developer Deep Silver has announced that it is offering free to everyone through the Steam platform. Keep in mind that it is ‘Metro 2033’ as the full version and not the ‘Metro 2033 Redux’ version. The game is available for free until March 15 . Once purchased, the user keeps it forever.

‘Metro 2033’ is about a survival story where the protagonist must move through the subway lines in a post-apocalyptic environment to fulfill his mission. Underground lines and desolate environments everywhere, the game certainly deserves a shot.

Survival is also the game that Epic Games gives away. We are talking about ‘Surviving Mars’ , which Epic Games already gave away. Now it offers a second chance for those who didn’t get it the first time. Once acquired, the user keeps it forever. It can be purchased until March 18 .

Its name could not be more descriptive, the game is based on the idea of surviving on Mars . the player will have to build the first colonies on the neighboring planet obtaining and managing resources to survive and create a civilization.

To buy Metro ‘2033’ you simply have to access the link of the game on Steam and once you have logged into the store you have to click the button to add to the account to have it for 0 euros thanks to the 100% discount. In the case of ‘Surviving Mars’ the procedure is very similar, from the link of the game in the store and with a logged in session, you have to press the ‘Get’ button to add it to the user’s personal catalog.

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