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Microsoft and the transversal bet for the gaming: Xbox Game Pass, the “Netflix of the videojuegos”, will arrive at the PC

They were already taking. Xbox Game Pass has been one of the most striking business ideas in the video game industry in recent times, and although it was not entirely new, its arrival on the Xbox One has made it clear that this “Netflix of video games” created Microsoft could be a great alternative for many gamers.

Now Microsoft announces that this proposal will soon reach the PC and therefore will not be limited only to its consoles. Said Satya Nadella a few hours ago after talking about the good health of Microsoft’s Gaming division. The transversal strategy of this giant is striking, and together with projects such as xCloud or its commitment to cross-play we are facing another step forward in order to win over more and more users (and increase their income along the way).

A flat game rate that will soon be available for Windows 10
The financial report of Microsoft for this last quarter has been fantastic in this section: the revenues of its gaming and entertainment division have grown by 44%, with the growth of Xbox software and services revenues by 36%, although it is true that here the main protagonists have not been the titles of Microsoft itself, but of third parties.

With Satya Nadella changes in this segment have also been noticed. Since its arrival there has been a change of chip, and the company has been migrating to a subscription model not only in offers such as Office 365, which has consolidated that philosophy, but in this Xbox Game Pass that allows access to a catalog of about 200 titles unlimited if one pays 10 esuros per month.

That catalog was only available on the Xbox One, but this announcement promises its arrival to Windows-based PCs very soon. There are no specific dates or details on how that will affect the catalog, but in the last E3 we could see how this service was reinforced significantly with availability of titles that were not previously and exclusive from the first day also in this service.

Another success in that expansion of Microsoft in the gaming segment

The division of Microsoft dedicated to video games is coming out very reinforced in these new times, and although their consoles are still clearly behind in sales to the PS4, the thing changes when we talk about the PC.

This is where the Windows platform still has no competitor and where the big (and not so big) developers are dedicated to offering the great titles that compete in sales and popularity with those of the consoles.

At Microsoft they know, so they have joined forces to try to add console and PC players with a clear support to the cross-play philosophy: that everyone plays online the same regardless of whether they have a console or PC (or mobile) , or tablet) is a step forward for an industry that is more diverse than ever.

Added to this are very interesting projects such as the imminent mouse and keyboard support that will reach the Xbox One or of course that Project xCloud with which we can move our games to a mobile or tablet.

We’ll see if that commitment to the cloud goes further and Microsoft raises a similar service to Google’s GeForce Now or Project Stream in the future, but the fact is that in Microsoft continue to add more and more efforts to raise an entertainment ecosystem every time More powerful.

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