Microsoft makes us glimpse the launch of a dual-screen Surface with code name ‘Centaurus’

Microsoft has long been fiddling with the idea of resurrecting Microsoft Courier . That concept of tablet in a double screen notebook format has been showing its possible options, and now the company seems to be close to launching it on the market.

That is what they point out in The Verge , where they indicate that the device codenamed ‘Centaurus’ would already be circulating in Redmond’s headquarters . No more details about a product that in those internal tests could pose an alternative to dual screen devices that were announced at the beginning of the year and have not yet reached the market.

When the river sounds…

This new product would be a kind of variation of the Andromeda project that we have been talking about for about three years . While that was a more compact product, in the case of Centaurus we find a product of greater dimensions and probably closer to the original concept of the Microsoft Courier .


Details on the project continued to come with news such as the patents registered by Microsoft , and rumors about the imminent release of this new product, which will probably be part of the Surface family , are now remarkable.

he company has never confirmed these projects, but Panos Panay, the head of hardware at Microsoft, already assured in an interview that this product was his “baby” and mentioned the concept in 2015 comparing it to ” a Moleskine “. Even Satya Nadella spoke of that ambition in 2017 indicating that ” our next phones will not look like phones “.

Thus, everything indicates that this project is now sufficiently advanced to be tested internally, which in turn would indicate that its presentation is imminent . Bearing in mind that in this recent Computex we have already seen how the dual screens conquered some laptops, it seems that the trend is getting stronger.

Kim Hostler
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