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Microsoft opens the registration for the Project xCloud beta and we already know the requirements and the first compatible games

Right now Project xCloud is one of the most ambitious initiatives they have in the videogames division at Microsoft, since with it they will seek to bring all the experience that currently exists on Xbox One to a smartphone, via streaming and in a fluid and uncomplicated way . On paper it sounds great, although it still has a lot to prove.

As promised during the past E3 2019, the first public preview of Project xCloud will arrive in October and today during Inside Xbox , the company announced new details of this ambitious streaming videogame project.

United States, United Kingdom and South Korea at the moment

Today Microsoft confirmed that they will open the first public test of Project xCloud , which will arrive in this first stage only to the United States, United Kingdom and South Korea. Anyone in these countries can sign up , but invitations will be sent gradually according to the availability of the servers.

After the bad news of the availability, the good news is that we have a handful of details that help us to know a little more about what we will face, as well as part of what Microsoft is planning for this Project xCloud.

First, during this release Project xCloud will only be compatible with four games: ‘ Gears 5 ‘, ‘ Halo 5: Guardians ‘, ‘ Sea of ​​Thieves ‘ and ‘ Killer Instinct ‘. Microsoft emphasizes that these titles will be free to use in xCloud for the duration of the test.

As Microsoft explains, the goal of opening this beta is to go beyond the internal tests they have done, now they want to see how xCloud works under real-life network environments and scenarios , with a wider number of players with different profiles and features .

The requirements that Microsoft indicates to have a satisfactory experience with xCloud are the following:

  • Smartphone or tablet with Android 6.0 or higher, plus Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
  • An Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth . It is recommended to purchase the clip and mobile holder, which is sold separately.
  • WiFi connection under the band of 5Ghz of at least 10Mbps, or mobile connection with the same speed.
  • Download the free app ‘Xbox Game Streaming App’, which will arrive in the next few days to the Play Store.
  • Register on the xCloud website and wait for the invitation email.

During this test the service will be free , and in fact so far it is not known how the method of commercialization of this service will be, since Microsoft mentions that these tests will last “until customers are continuously informing that they have a great and fun experience , and the technology meets our internal quality standards . 

The company also mentions that they will start with a small group of players that will increase gradually. They also promise that later the preview will open to new countries and new games will be added , this will depend on the comments they receive during the tests.

Microsoft also said they are also working with some operators to test the performance of xCloud on mobile networks. In the coming weeks they will use the 5G of SK Telecom in South Korea, as well as technical tests with T-Mobile in the United States and Vodafone in the United Kingdom, which will serve to know how to optimize xCloud for mobile networks.

As I mentioned, at the moment there is no release date, there is not even a specific date for the start of Project xCloud , it is only known that it will be in October. That is, xCloud is moving to its next stage but still has a long way to go before it is a product ready for everyone.

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