Neither Intel nor Qualcomm: Apple will bet on making its own 5G modem for iPhones according to Bloomberg

The brand of the apple has never hidden its intention to take charge of all the production of its components. But there are pieces like the modem where Apple has always collaborated with third parties . Since 2012 with the iPhone 5, Apple has teamed up with Qualcomm to provide the necessary modems to have 4G LTE connectivity. However, at the beginning of 2017 they started a legal battle that ended up causing the relations between Qualcomm and Apple to be broken .

This battle between two manufacturers who had worked together for many years caused Intel to appear on the scene. With its XMM 8180 modem , Intel showed the chipset that could provide 5G connectivity to iPhones. However, this Intel 5G modem would not reach at least until the second half of 2019 , which would point practically to 2020 as the date of arrival of the 5G to Apple. And what does this mean? Basically two years behind their competition.

Eliminated the possibility of making peace with Qualcomm and seeing the delay of Intel, Apple thought of MediaTek for its 5G chipsets. However, as announced by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg , Apple would have found a much more practical (and expensive) solution to their problem.

Former Qualcomm employees to form a team in San Diego

According to Bloomberg, Apple would be devoting great efforts to hire numerous engineers from Qualcomm to form a team in San Diego dedicated to the development of components and processors. This team would have as a priority to develop the future chips of the iPhone.

During this month, Apple published ten job offers related to the Artificial Intelligence chipset and wireless components such as modems. This is not the first time Apple hires engineers dedicated to this sector, since it has important teams in Portland, Orlando, Taipei or Tokyo, cities where some of its rivals also produce similar components. At the moment, Apple has presented modems and chips for the Airpods and the Apple Watch, but not yet for the iPhone .

In its latest moves, Apple would be looking intensely engineers with knowledge of technologies and protocols such as Bluetooth, LTE and those who can help the development of 5G technology. And few companies have as much experience in such components as Qualcomm.

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