Roblox is a brutal success: the free to play game goes public valued at 30,000 million dollars

Roblox is one of those innocent games behind which a very powerful company, Roblox Corporation , hides . If you move within Twitter, TikTok or YouTube, surely on more than one occasion you have come across a video of the game. It is a most innocent title and, at the same time, one of the most popular. Now the company has just gone public and its valuation has been astronomical: nothing more than 30,000 million dollars .

Each share of the company was estimated to be worth around $ 45 , but the surprise was huge when it reached $ 69.5 . Not bad at all for a game that has been on the net since February 27, 2006 and that can be played for free on iOS, Android, Xbox and PC.

For those who are strangers to Roblox, it should be explained that it is not a game in itself, but a kind of vitaminized Minecraft . Roblox allows creators to develop their own virtual world and create their own games within the platform, a kind of metagame, a game within a game , like Minecraft mods, but in a big way.

Roblox is as big as ‘Fortnite’, and by their goals for 2023 it seems they want to become the new Disney
Although all games have similar aesthetics, the possibilities that the platform allows are virtually limitless . It is a success no matter where you look, but for example, a button: there are games within Roblox that currently accumulate up to 184,500 players . This is the case of ‘Adopt Me!’, The game by NewFissy and Bethink.

The most interesting point is that Roblox pays video game creators if they are successful . A developer creating a game within Roblox can implement premium players, micropayments, cosmetic items, etc. If players acquire these items, the developer gets a share.

Kim Hostler
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