Sony slows down the download speed of games in Europe to help not saturate the network

Over the last few weeks we have seen the main streaming platforms cut the bitrate of their content to avoid saturating the network in Europe. Among them are Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Facebook, Instagram, Apple and Disney + , which has just been released today in Spain. The latest to join has not been a streaming platform, but Sony , which has just confirmed that it will slow down the download of games to help not congest the network.

This has been announced by Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, through a publication on the official PlayStation blog. In the statement, the president states that “Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with Internet service providers in Europe to manage download traffic and help preserve access for the entire Internet community.”

Slower downloads, but “robust gameplay”

According to Sony, “We believe it is important to do our part to address concerns about the stability of the Internet, as an unprecedented number of people are practicing social distancing and are increasingly dependent on access to the Internet.” For this reason, the company has decided to put the brakes on the speed of downloading games , that is, the speed at which we download from the PlayStation store.

The company summarizes how players will notice this measure, stating that “they may experience slower game downloads, but still enjoy robust gameplay .” They make no express mention of what that means, although they most likely refer to online multiplayer.

There has also been no mention of whether this measure will significantly affect PS Now , since this platform allows streaming video games, nor if it will be applied in the same way to download patches for games already installed.

Netflix stated at the time that by reducing the bitrate of their content they expected to reduce traffic by European networks by 25% , so it will be necessary to wait to see how it affects the Sony initiative. Its main competitor, Xbox, has also taken a similar move, as reflected in an Akamai statement :

“As people search social gaming for games, we see record engagement on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live and Mixer. We are actively monitoring usage and making temporary adjustments as necessary to ensure the smoothest experience possible for our players.”

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