‘Spyro’ and ‘Crash Bandicoot’ are just the beginning: six Activision franchises that deserve to be renewed

Activision has discovered that, as commercially effective as ‘Call of Duty’ are video games that are part of its classic catalog . The recent washing of the face of its two most significant Playstation pets with ‘Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’ and ‘Spyro Reignited Trilogy’ , as well as the excellent sales of both remake compilations have encouraged the company to look further.

In a recent meeting with the press to discuss the results of the second quarter of the year , Activision President Rob Kostich said they were considering extending the plans that such extraordinary results had given with these two mythical franchises to other properties in the house. And not only with mere remakes, but with new ideas and renewed games. They have promised, directly, remastering of other sagas and new deliveries of classic series. The possibilities, given the Activision catalog, are impressive.

Activision’s legacy

Activision made a fortune in the 1980s by unmarking itself as the first independent game manufacturer for Atari 2600. Before its arrival, the games of each console were manufactured and distributed exclusively by the creator of each hardware . Activision turned that around, crediting authors and launching the best-selling games in the system. After the crash of the early eighties that almost ended the industry, Activision absorbed the mythical company of classic adventure games Infocom.

After a few hardships in the nineties, getting to exclusively publish office programs under the name Mediagenic, Activision gained strength in the nineties and at the beginning of the century it was absorbing studies such as Raven, Neversoft, Infinity Ward or Treyarch. His merger with Vivendi in 2008 led to the creation of the giant Activision Blizzard, the mainstream mainstream company of the moment.

‘Overwatch’ is one of the most powerful current franchises of Activision Blizzard

Its tentacles are absolutely unbeatable, but we like to snoop around in its more or less forgotten classics (it seems inconceivable today, especially after the commercial bombing of games like ‘N. Sane Trilogy’, which has placed more than ten million copies, but for years Crash and Spyro were completely removed from the house plans) and imagine new possible versions of their milestones. These are some of our favorite legendary Activision franchises that we believe deserve to be dusted .5

Kim Hostler
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