The first Mac with an ARM processor and without Intel will arrive during 2021, says Ming-Chi Kuo

The first Mac without an Intel processor and with one designed by Apple itself will arrive in the next 18 months . This has been stated by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who has a reputable track record behind him predicting strategic movements in Apple’s product catalog. The long-awaited Mac with ARM processors have been rumored for years and everything indicates that we will finally see them next year.

Throughout the last years there have been several reports, rumors and clues that suggest that these Mac with ARM will arrive sooner rather than later. Ming-Chi Kuo himself stated this in 2018 and now it seems that he reinforces that idea again. Also in 2018, it was Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman who saw the end of Intel on Macs for 2020. A date that is somewhat close to the “next 18 months” that Ming-Chi Kuo predicts for Apple’s third major transition . Just a year ago, even Intel itself saw a Mac with ARM for 2020.

Apple has never officially confirmed the idea that they want to abandon Intel in favor of an ARM architecture. It is the different hiring of engineers and the history that the company has as well as its determination to create its own components that hint at this transition. Currently ARM is already in most Apple products , from the iPhone to the Apple Watch to the iPad or the Apple TV.

The third big transition on Mac

Changing the processor is not an easy task, it involves modifying the brain of the entire computer and consequently the operation of the rest of the hardware and all the software . In the past, with the migration to Intel, Apple did surprisingly well at translating apps into new code. This time, with Project Catalyst in between and the possibility of making apps that share code on iOS, iPadOS and macOS, the transition may be different. Of course, at the moment it is necessary to polish things .

The comparisons are odious, however in recent years we have seen how the iPad Pro has already caught up with the potential MacBook and much of the blame for this lies with Apple’s own ARM processor. The dilemma here will be to see how professional and complex apps adapt to the new processor, something that iOS and iPadOS have not done.

In addition to the ARM processors designed by the house, there are also rumors about the possible incorporation of mini-LED panels instead of the current LCD of the MacBook Pro. The rumor, once again, comes from Ming-Chi Kuo and its sources in the Apple’s assembly line in Asia . Thanks to the production of parts and components by Apple’s partners, it manages to solve the puzzle of future Apple products months and even years before they are official.

Be that as it may, it is still all rumors, so we will have to wait until next year to see if they finally come true. At most, we will see this June at WWDC20 (Apple’s developer conference) if tools to develop apps in ARM start to come out, thus giving developers some time to make the transition.

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