The Spanish FX Interactive gives a free game a week to make the quarantine more enjoyable: ‘Imperium 2’ is the first

There is much free or reduced content , board games and titles for consoles that we have at our entire disposal to kill boredom during these days of seclusion. It goes on for a long time, so any content that helps to cope with your stay at home is always welcome. Precisely for this reason we are going to talk about FX Interactive , a Spanish studio that surely sounds very playful thanks to the ‘Imperium’ saga.

Pablo Ruiz Tejedor, CEO of FX Interactive, has made it known through his Facebook profile that his company will give away a free game every week “while in seclusion.” The first to arrive is ‘ Imperium 2 – La Conquista de Hispania ‘, one of its great classics. Under normal conditions, the title costs 4.95 euros, but it will be available for free until March 22 .

How to claim free FX Interactive games

The process for installing FX Interactive games is slightly different than installing it from Steam. It is necessary to download and install FX Store (your launcher) and do a couple of additional steps . The company has published a step-by-step guide reviewing all the options, but below we will explain the necessary steps:

  1. Download and install FX Store from the FX Interactive website. The process is a little slow, so be patient.
  2. Create an FX Interactive account and confirm it by clicking on the link that you will receive by email as soon as it is created.
  3. Sign in to FX Store with the account you just created.
  4. From the web (or from the launcher, as you prefer), access the ‘Imperium 2’ tab , click on “Buy” and accept the conditions of use.
  5. In the launcher, go to “My profile” and go to the “My games” section.
  6. Click on the cover of ‘Imperium 2’ and then on “Install”.
  7. The installation will begin, simply follow the instructions in the window.

In some cases the game must be installed from the launcher and in other cases a Steam gift code is offered that will have to be redeemed. In that case, just follow some simple instructions and proceed with the installation as usual. ‘Imperium 2’ includes several PDFs with the game manual, secret codes, tips for strategists, a map of conquest and a guide for the Carthaginian campaign and the Roman campaign.

The company’s roadmap has not been disclosed, that is, we do not know what the next games will be that can be downloaded for free, so we will have to pay attention to the company’s website .

More free games

If you want more free games , today, March 19, the Epic Games Store will allow you to download ‘ The Stanley Parable ‘ and the first edition of ‘ Watch Dogs ‘. If you are looking for older and DRM-free titles, GOG has made 27 free games available to users and at this link you have many others. If you want something a little crazier, our fellow Raiser Games have downgraded 100% ‘Goat of Duty’ .

On the other hand, they are not complete games, but we do give titles that were going to be presented at the GDC . There are more than forty playable demos that will be available on Steam until March 23 at 18:00 Spanish time, and among the titles are ‘Superliminal’, ‘Resolution’, ‘Skate Bird’ or Hundred Days’. The vast majority are indie games, but they give us an idea of ​​what is to come. And speaking of demos, the one for ‘Resident Evil 3’ is now available . Also on Steam you can access the “Free to play” category , where there is another good handful of titles.

Finally, and already looking at the field of smartphones, Snowman has released two of the most popular games for free : ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ ( iOS / Android ) and ‘Alto’s Adventure’ ( iOS / Android ). Such has been the success of this campaign that the games did not take long to get to position one and two in the “Sports” category of the App Store. ‘ Mini Metro ‘ is also free in the App Store . Remember that if we download a free game during a sale period, we will still be able to download it without paying even if we uninstall it.

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