This is Fortnite with RTX and DLSS

Not that Fortnite has ever stood out for spectacular graphics, but the promised arrival of ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS technology are now coming true and will allow this already legendary video game to offer much more detail in those graphics.

In a cinematic trailer NVIDIA and those responsible for Epic Games have shown what we can expect from Fortnite with these changes, and although the essence remains, Fortnite wins in many situations in which we now have a fantastic realism in reflections, shadows and lighting .

Windows and water take on new life (or almost)

The improvements made are especially noticeable in the reflections : the windows of the buildings stop having a flat texture to offer those reflections that will allow players to use even those windows as a way to detect other enemies.

In addition to this, the trailer shows how the changes in the shadows and lighting give many of the scenarios more “volume” , making that despite its finish between caricature or cartoon, this virtual world is more realistic in physics than They affect the lights — look at the light thrown by the streetlights on that trailer, for example — shadows and reflections.

This can be seen of course in water , where you can also see how the effect of light and reflections changes remarkably compared to how liquid surfaces looked until now.

Those responsible for NVIDIA also indicated in their advance of this improvement how the support of NVIDIA Reflex technology will allow to improve latency and response times. To this is added the DLSS support that allows the graphic quality and definition of each frame to be outstanding without affecting the FPS rate that we achieve with our equipment.

John Hartshorne
Senior IT engineer by the UPM of training and technical editor by profession, I have been writing in print and online media since the late 90s.
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