Xbox One: Fortnite, one of the first to offer it

The celebration of the XO18 event in Mexico has served to prepare Microsoft for the immediate future of the Xbox One. Among the novelties, one outstanding: keyboard and mouse support will finally reach all audiences this week.

Several will be the games that offer the mouse and keyboard as an alternative control, and among all of them Fortnite stands out , something that could mark a turning point for the players of this and other titles.

Few games will offer moment support for mouse and keyboard

Not only Fortnite will support these peripherals in the Xbox One. Microsoft has announced that among the first titles that will allow to enjoy mouse and keyboard will be ‘ Warframe ‘, ‘Bomber Crew’, ‘ Deep Rock Galactic ‘, ‘ Strange Brigade ‘, ‘ Vermintide 2 ‘,’ War Thunder ‘,’ X-Morph Defense ‘(they will all do it in November) and’ Children of Morta ‘,’ DayZ ‘,’ Minion Master ‘,’ Moonlighter ‘,’ Vigor ‘,’ Warface ‘and’ Wargroove ‘in the near future

Microsoft has already commented in the past that developers that offer mouse and keyboard support in their games will be able to establish all kinds of controls so that players are not affected in a harmful way. The competitive advantage that the mouse and keyboard offer in FPS or strategy games is evident, and for that reason they already clarified that for example in Fortnite you will not play with players that use mouse and keyboard if you do not want to .

Many will be the keyboards and mice that will work with this support, but Microsoft has prepared a special certification program for these peripherals that will be specially validated for this scenario. Razer will be, for example, Microsoft’s exclusive partner in this field and at the next CES it will announce a keyboard and mouse specifically designed for the Xbox One.

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